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ACTLytics ensures that complex analysis software is implemented efficiently. You can contact us for:

The implementation-acceleration:

for smooth communication in the implementation project in order to get the software to work for you instead of working against you.

The ACTLytics MOT:

for an objective screening of your software and its application, so that you achieve - or even increase - the expected ROI.


deployment of temporary and permanent candidates for your implementation project.

With our commitment, your software works optimally from scratch

With our commitment, your software works optimally from scratch.
The success of your analytics software project depends on the communication between software vendor and end user. We are the interpreter-translator in these complex processes.

We possess extensive knowledge and experience in this field. No analytics software keeps any secrets from us. In addition, we have experience with leading organizations that are at the forefront of data analysis and data optimization.

Our consultants understand the challenges you face every day

Cindy de Groot, director and founder of ACTLytics

She studied Business Mathematics and Computer Science (BMC) at the VU University Amsterdam, after which she worked as a business consultant at one of the largest providers of optimization software and analysis solutions in the world, to subsequently set up and lead a successful new business consultancy division for North America as managing director for this company.

Now she is director and founder of ACTLytics. She supports and advises organizations in their data-driven processes. She also advises companies on the development and implementation of perfectly matching software packages.

Luc about Cindy:

“Cindy works in a structured, precise and solution-oriented way. She is always sharp and asks the right questions. She is always up for a chat. A capable, pleasant colleague.”


Luc Groot Koerkamp, Business Consultant Supply Chain

Luc studied Logistics and Economics at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, after which he started working as a demand planner. Subsequently, he broadened his supply chain planning knowledge as a production planner. He has a passion for optimizing planning processes. As a consultant, Luc ensures that supply chain planning software is used correctly.

He supports and trains users of optimization software. He also helps with the design, reporting and configuration of the software. In this way, he makes sure that companies get the most out of their software, and therefore make better decisions.

Sefanja about Luc:

“Luc likes to keep an overview, with a focus on improving the end-to-end supply chain. He is a results-oriented go-getter with expertise.”

Sefanja van der Lee, Business Consultant Analytics

Sefanja studied Mathematical Engineering at the Hague University of Applied Sciences in Delft. During her studies, Sefanja gained experience during various internships at Coca-Cola, Erasmus MC and Rijkswaterstaat. She then started working as a business consultant at ACTLytics.

As a business consultant, Sefanja helps make the transition between planning software and the projects to which it is applied, so that planning software is accessible and understandable for the users. Her duties range from conducting analytical conversations to creating dashboards and assisting with reporting so that the user can get the most out of the software.


Cindy about Sefanja:

“Sefanja is a go-getter and a thinker. She looks for creative solutions and thinks out-of-the-box. She is social and likes to be part of a team.”

Peter Derksen, Business Consultant Analytics

Peter studied Applied Mathematics at the Amsterdam University.  He started his dual master’s in business analytics at the VU University in Amsterdam on 1 September. As a dual master student, he combines work and study (50-50%). 


As a business consultant, Peter makes the translation between planning software and the supply chain planning questions for which the software is used. His goal is to make sure the end users can create and analyze a plan efficiently. His activities vary from creating dashboards and designing reports to explaining solver results and training end-users.

Luc over Peter:

“Peter is an enterprising and critical colleague. He always investigates and solve problems from new perspectives. In addition, he is very eager to learn and always interested in new challenges.”

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