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Use your software better, smarter and more efficient

Are you not getting the most out of your analysis software? ACTLytics takes a fresh look at your software and its applications. This way you will avoid new disappointments and expensive delays.

Your state of the art software does not meet the expectations

You can't resolve the issues together with the supplier

The supplier indicates that the problem lies within your organization.

“It is not the software that needs to be improved, but your business processes.”
“The end users are insufficiently trained.”
“We cannot reverse the choices we have made.”
“Your expectations are not realistic.”
“We supply standard software, no custom solution.”

Your thoughts: “Okay, but software is always adaptable right?”

It is a difficult situation

You no longer know what to expect from the supplier. You lose valuable time – and therefore profit. Gradually irritation and frustration increase, which is not desirable since you want to avoid conflicts and do not want to look for a new supplier.

You would prefer to work it out together. Fortunately, you can.

ACTLytics MOT: a fresh look at your analytics software

You can employ us as interpreter-translator between you and the supplier.

Our business consultants have experience with the complex issues and the dynamics of multinationals. In addition, we have acquired knowledge of various software solutions, we understand the coding of the software and we understand what can and cannot be configured.

We look at all issues objectively and constructively and we supply concrete advice for improvements in both the software and its use.

This way you can quickly move forward at full speed.

Communication is everything

You thought you understood the supplier well, and the supplier thought the same. But now you need someone who understands exactly what you want and who can explain in understandable language which wishes are technically feasible and which are not and why.

We would love to fulfill that role.

Our change manager acts as the middle of three gears: she seamlessly transfers information from one party to the other, so that both get moving.



Excel quickly with fit for purpose software

We analyze the implemented software, and we support both suppliers and end users during the improvement process.

Second opinion

Objective advice in case of doubt or uncertainty

We analyze the software solution when you doubt its value. We share the results of our substantive assessment, you determine the next steps.


For a renewed good cooperation

Still caught up in a conflict? Solve it together, with ACTLytics as an independent third party.

No pointing finger

The implementation and use of analytics software is by definition complex. It is a force field of technology, people and resources.

Everyone has done their best to make your software successful. ACTLytics therefore does not look for blame, we do not sidetrack anyone and do not pass anyone involved.

We believe in the power of working together. Start a conversation and keep communicating. And of course we also bring a good portion of expertise to solve the problem.

Our method

We involve all players in the improvement process: users, IT managers, management and suppliers. This creates sufficient support to actually implement improvements.


What is the problem exactly? What are the bottlenecks in your opinion? In 1 or 2 half day workshops with all stakeholders we complete a thorough analysis.


You introduce us to the software supplier. We repeat our analysis to understand their point of view and will also use the workshops to validate the feasibility of our potential solutions.


We share recommendations for changes in software configuration as well as adjustments in the software usage and associated business processes. We determine your goals and describe the impact of your choices. We approach stakeholders (persons interested and involved) and formulate achievable milestones and a clearly measurable end goal that all parties endorse.

Improvement support

We guide you in the decision making process and starting the improvement process. We create and communicate the vision and the improvement plan. We then start with the improvement of quick wins, based on an Impact-Effort-Analysis.


We schedule a meeting with you and all stakeholders, in which we complete the project and summarize the results of the improvements.


The result?

Better collaboration and more trust​

Become future proof with our MOT

You want to grow, innovate and develop. ACTLytics ensures that your software is in line with your potential and your future plans. This way you can rely on reliable analyzes – instead of being held back.

Would you like to find out what we can do for you?

Please contact us. We would like to hear what challenges you encounter and how we can tackle them together in a personal meeting or over the telephone.