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Curious as to what an average working day at ACTLytics looks like?

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An average working day at ACTLytics

None of our customers are the same, so consequently, we have a variety of activities. We generally go to our customers office about once a week. The rest of the week we tend to work in our own office or at home. 

The day generally starts between 8 and 9 in the morning. After you have arrived and have set up your laptop, you can go and grab coffee, tea, soft drinks or water, chat with your colleagues and start your working day. You may have received issues from planners that you can try to resolve by testing the solver. Or maybe your day starts by building dashboards in which the data you have received is clearly arranged for those who need an overview of the data, or maybe you have a meeting with customers in which you discuss  what your suggestions for improvement could be or a recap of what has already been done. Maybe you have to give a training on how the customer can use new working methods or modified software. 

Around 12 pm we have a one hour break and enjoy our lunch together. The groceries for the lunch are done once a week and we keep a grocery list so you can indicate what you like or don’t like. After we have had lunch together, we tend to go for a walk to stretch our legs, depending on the weather ofcourse.

Then you can continue with your work for the day. We have certain pinned days in the week for each customer in which we are working on the project for that particular customer. You can consult with colleagues if you can’t figure something it out or put on your headphones if you would like to work individually. In the meantime, you can always grab a drink or snack. The day ends between 5 and 6 am.

Sustainable growth

At ACTLytics we invest in the future. In addition to things like separating waste and using electric means of transport, our electricity is generated with solar energy from the Netherlands and thus 100% green. No environmentally harmful fossil fuels are used and no CO2 is released. 

Secondary employement conditions

Healthy employees make for a healthy company. This applies physically, for example, an ergonomic workplace so you are able to work standing up, chairs that you can adapt to your lenght and position and always plenty of fruit. But also applies mentally: for yourself (and possibly your family) where flexible working hours are taken into account. A good work-life balance is key!


Due to the many backgrounds that we have at ACTLytics, we learn from each other the different perspectives of problems and issues. ACTLytics also provides the possibility to follow courses and training sessions that you think will help you to work better and to develop further so you can continue to grow!

Working at ACTLytics? Discover the possibilities!

We are looking for colleagues with a passion for applying analytics software with a focus on generating value for renowned clients.