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Save time, stay within budget and get the promised ROI

You have signed the contract for new analysis software

Expectations are high, you look forward to the implementation process and you have every confidence in the collaboration with the software supplier.

The promised ROI is high. You have to, because your investment was also quite high. Yet you always run the risk that the results hold off. And that leads to:

The success of your implementation project depends on the communication between you and the software supplier

But no matter how well you coordinate, arrange and go through everything, a perfect software in one go is hardly ever achieved. Everyone involved is of good will, but you have too little insight into each other’s knowledge and wishes.

Even if you think you understand each other well, things can go wrong

That’s nobody’s fault. All parties work carefully and professionally, but they do not speak each other’s language.


In short: you both need very good ears. To listen to what the other means exactly. To recognize the smallest details. To understand between the lines what the technical challenges are and what the impact is of the choices that are being made.

ACTLytics helps you to make the translation

We support you to clearly communicate all wishes to the software supplier. And we support the software supplier in figuring out all your wishes, so that the software will optimally match your practice.

We are the interpreter-translator between all players. With our commitment, your project will run successfully from scratch.

Our offer

Process guidance

We are consultant for software supplier and user. From day one it becomes clear what exactly the user needs and how the software can meet this need.


Trouble finding

We analyze the process, we anticipate possible problems and we tackle issues immediately. This way you avoid unnecessary mistakes and delays.

Looking forward

We look beyond the dot on the horizon, so that you continue to benefit from the new software. The choices you make now will work for you later.

Our commitment does not stop with a report. We will walk with you through the project, so that all parties can look ahead with confidence.

Our method


We discuss which phase of the implementation project you are in and what challenges you can expect. Then we list how we can be of service to you.


Are we going to work together? Then you will meet the team members who will supervise your process. If we get along well, we will arrange the IT-related matters and you will introduce us to the project team.


We determine the tasks and responsibilities for every team member, and get to work.


We regularly schedule an appointment with you and any other stakeholders, in which we evaluate and define goals for the coming period.

Our roles


The change manager translates the customer’s wishes into the software, and vice versa. She acts as the center of three gears: she seamlessly transfers information from one party to the other, so that both get moving


The project manager helps you to prioritize and make decisions. She provides an overview, makes plans and divisions of tasks and she formulates realistic objectives. In this way we complete the project on time and within budget.


Business consultant

The business consultant supports your team with all executive tasks during the implementation process. From design phase to testing, from end-user training to creating reports and dashboards


And the result?

"Doesn't your deployment slow us down?"

An understandable question. The more players, the more noise, you might think. But it is precisely because of our efforts that you prevent delays.

How much time do you want to lose with miscommunication, wrong choices or duplication? How eager are your employees to work overtime to save the project?

With our commitment, it never has to get that far. You can rely on a tightly planned but relaxed process.


The investment

For only 2% of the total project budget you are assured of the ROI.

By way of comparison: if a project of a year runs out by one month, that already costs about 6% of the project budget. And that doesn’t include the hidden costs of the breach of trust, resistance and frustration.

Calculate your savings.

Innovative and best-in-class

In short

ACTLytics speaks the language of the software supplier and of your organization. Employing us means avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings. You avoid the pitfalls that you would otherwise fall into unnoticed.

The implementation is smooth and silent – from day 1.

What is your data analysis challenge?

We would be happy to discuss your specific challenge during a no-obligation introductory meeting. Contact us and you will quickly know what we can do for you.