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Always the right temporary deployment for your implementation process

Building a successful implementation team? That's not easy

You want to work with:

Don’t have the right people at in your team? We will find the right candidate for you.

All specialists for your project​

ACTLytics has a lot of experience with implementation processes of analytics and supply chain software. We put together independent, successful teams for you.

We offer various specialists, all with extensive substantive knowledge.

Business consultants

Our business consultants support your team with all executive tasks during the implementation process. From design phase to testing, from training end users to creating reports and dashboards.


Our change managers translate the customer’s wishes into the software, and vice versa. This prevents miscommunication and delays.


Our project managers ensure that the overview is maintained, they make schedules and allocate tasks to individual team members. They formulate realistic objectives, so that you complete the project on time and within budget.

Why ACTLytics?

The specialists you are looking for are not easy to find. The combination of analytics + business knowledge + software is rare.

Fortunately, we have these specialists in our team and in our network.

We work together with a group of small entrepreneurs, each with their own focus. Communication, change management, project management, development of reports and dashboards, programming, mathematical modelling: the knowledge is all in our flexible pool, and the people can be deployed within a few weeks.

This way you always work with the right disciplines, because you often need a mix of expertise.

Secondment: the process


We determine what you need and we see if we can find the right people.

Candidate selection

We introduce candidates to you, with their resume.


Does the information shared meet your requirements? We will then schedule a meeting to see if there is a match between you and the candidate.

Contract with substantive agreements

Does the person have the right qualifications and is there a match with the team? Then finalize the agreements about the rate, the start date, use of facilities and so on.


We evaluate monthly, so that we are always aware of the progress.

More information? ​

Please contact us. In a telephone or personal meeting, we would like to hear what challenges you encounter and how we can tackle them together.